Wlastimil Hofman’s House
dane kontaktowe:
ul. Matejki 23
58-580 Szklarska Poręba
What an exceptional opportunity to visit the house of Wlastimil Hofman - the painter, which has been functioning in practically untouched state since the artist’s death. The inside of the seemingly small house includes the painter’s workshop, where his easels are still in place, and next to them on a small table there are brushes and tubes of paint. The atmosphere of the house, as the present host Mr Wacław Jędrzejczak ensures, is still fulfilled with the artist’s spirit, which cannot be experienced in any museum. Wlastimil Hofman (1881-1970) – called by Jan Sztaudynger “the painter of internal radiance” was an artist famous both in Poland and all over the world – a painter, a poet, a student of Stanisławski, Wyczółkowski and, most of all, Jacek Malczewski. In 1947 he moved from Cracow to Szklarska Poręba, talked into it by Sztaudynger himself and settled with his wife in a small house situated in Szkalrska Poręba Średnia. Hofman became very close with local community and painted many portraits and small pictures for the residents. Also the Franciscan fathers became the recipients of his works. His paintings decorate private houses and local churches. Hofman’s House – “Wlastimilówka”, in a short time it became the meeting place for local artistic community. After the painter’s death, following his will, Mr Wacław Jędrzejczak became the owner of the house with all its belongings. The host opens painter’s workshop and the living room decorated with pictures for visitors. Visits are arranged by phone.
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