Śnieżka Forest District Park
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ul. Leśna 4a
58-530 Kowary
At Leśna Street in Kowary, there is the newly-built seat of the "Śnieżka" Forest District Office.The area of activity of this institution covers two mountain ranges the Giant Mountains and the Janowickie Ore Mountains, and a large part of the Jelenia Góra Valley. It deals primarily with forest management, but it is also responsible for protecting the forest and its resources. The building of the Forest District Office is located on the edge of a small park with an interesting historic stand of trees. Shrubs and trees growing on the park hill and slope form a picturesque backdrop. Certainly, it will appeal to those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the Old Town. Although it is still the centre of Kowary, one can feel almost like in the middle of the forest. This park is a kind of a "green island" in the middle of the city. The park located next to the Forest District Office building features an interesting educational nature path with visual boards that help to better understand the forest theme and explore some secrets of the forest. Walking next to a specially created "bird cafeteria", you can peep at birds most frequently visiting the feeders. Those interested can learn about the characteristics of natural habitats and read a description of the main species of trees growing in the Forest District.
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