Mine „Podgórze”
dane kontaktowe:
ul. Podgórze 55
58-530 Kowary
Mine „Podgórze is an underground tourist route. Drifts 19 and 19a are an exceptionally interesting underground facilities. They were built in 1 951 -1 958 as one of the main excavation sites of “Foothills” mine. The mining was carried out for as long as to 1 958, while in 1974-1989 the only Radium Inhalation Centre of Cieplice Health-Resort was operating where research concerning radium treatment was carried out. In “Mines of Kowary” one can learn history of mining in Kowary, from mining of precious metals: semi-precious stones, iron, silver and lead ore to secret activity of Industry Plant R-1. With experienced personnel of drift guides you will sightsee the largest uranium mine in the country, discovering unknown historical facts
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