Old town of Kowary
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The Old Town covers the area of the inner city centre. It consists of a string of historic buildings built under the influence of typical architecture promoted in Silesia at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The most interesting and the most stylish buildings are located in 1 Maja Street. While some of them still have their baroque layout and rococo façade, most of them were built in the classical style. For over two hundred years they have delighted the eye with their balanced structure and harmonious proportions. The most interesting parts of the Old Town in Kowary have been pedestrianised and are now a charming city promenade used on sunny days by both the residents of Kowary and tourists resting here. You must visit this place at noon, when the Old Town is filled with the sounds of the bugle call coming from the Town Hall. A careful listener will find among them the sound of a blacksmith's hammer, symbolising the five centuries of history and tradition of mining in Kowary.
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