Palaces Route – Jelenia Góra, Paulinum Palace, Łomnica Palace, Wojanów Palace, Bobrów Palace
dystans (km) wysokość m n.p.m.
We begin our trip at the railway station and continue it in the direction of the Paulinum Palace – we go along the Wojska Polskiego Avenue, where we turn left into the Zygmunta Nowowiejskiego Street (at the University of Economics). Then we make our way east to the Paulinum Palace. We pass the former Jesuit farm and we get to the bypass in the direction of Karpacz. Having walked the bypass, we enter the first forest path; while walking along the path, we pass the Zamkowa Hill on the left. On the top of the hill there are remains of the former „Grünbuschbaude” hostel. Then we turn left, pass the barrier and reach a large crossing of forest roads. We turn right walking east. The road leads us to Łomnica itself, where we visit the Łomnica Palace. From here we head for the neighbouring Wojanów Palace. After a break we set off in the direction of Bobrów, to the last palace on our route. We can go back to Jelenia Góra by MZK 11 bus or by mini-buses from Janowice Wielkie.
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