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In terms of culture and sightseeing this is one of the most interesting routes in Jelenia Góra, ideal to be visited by bike. The route is not difficult, and this family trip should appeal to parents and children alike. Pałac Paulinum (Paulinum Palace),on the outskirts of Jelenia Góra, is now a nicely restored, elegant hotel. The palace in Dąbrowica is a ruin. But, another interesting feature of this village is the paper mill, which has been working since 1837, and still is today. During World War II the Germans printed fake dollars there. The palace in Łomnica, along with the neighbouring Dom Wdowy (Widow’s House), and the old farm, is today a centre of cultural development. Nearby, in Wojanów, there is another palace with an extensive park layout, and is an example of one the most successful revitalizations of historic buildings. The palace in Bobrów is not that lucky and awaits its turn to be renovated. The Palace in Karpniki, however, has recently found a good owner. Historic buildings in Bukowiec are also being renovated. Both palaces in Staniszów are already living a new life, and the former Schaffgotsch Palace is one of the most striking landmarks in Cieplice.
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