Jelenia Góra › Miedzianka
dystans (km) wysokość m n.p.m.
Jelenia Góra › Dąbrowica › Wojanów › Bobrów › Trzcińsko › Janowice Wielkie › Miedzianka
This cycling route is one of the most scenic trails in Jelenia Góra. You can use the euro-regional cycling route ER-6, which is marked on the ground with painted squares, coloured white and green, and the name of the trail. It is an easy route, recommended for family trips, and the asphalt surface is suitable for every kind of bike. Following the river upstream, through Dąbrowica, Łomnica, Wojanów, Bobrów and Trzcińsko, you will reach Janowice Wielkie. The mountainous riverside landscape here is very diverse. You will be surprised all the time by breath-taking views, as well as by all of the places worth visiting, such as palaces and castles (see p. 18). It is just one kilometre from Janowice Wielkie to the famous village of Miedzianka. It is worth it to see the place connected with the history of mining uranium – a town where all that’s left is a church, a cemetery, a few buildings ... and a reincarnated brewery.
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