Karpacz Górny › Świątynia Wang › Borowice
dystans (km) wysokość m n.p.m.
Karpacz Górny › Świątynia Wang › Borowice › Karpacz Górny
You may wish to walk the pleasant and not too demanding forest loop from Karpacz to Borowice and back, starting with a visit to the wooden Wang Chapel. In the churchyard cemetery you will find the graves of two prominent Polish artists: Henryk Tomaszewski – the founder of the Wrocław Mime Theatre, and Tadeusz Różewicz – the poet and novelist. You will go further along the main road leading to the area of the Karkonosze National Park (the blue trail) then turn right along the yellow trail, which will take you to Borowice. Since ancient times, Borowice has been recommended to people suffering from nervous disorders, exhaustion and burnout, frail physique and during convalescence. Therefore, walking through the forest you should make sure to take long, deep breaths. You can return to Karpacz by following the green trail.
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