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Samotnia › Strzecha Akademicka › Biały Jar Dom Śląski › Równia pod Śnieżką › Lucni bouda
For all those who dream about going back a few million years in time, we invite you on an educational expedition under the name “in search of the ice era”. During this extraordinary trip through time you will learn a lot about the interesting natural elements on both sides (Polish – Czech) of the Karkonosze mountains. There are 9 information stops planned on the trip: 4 on the Polish side, and 5 on the Czech side of the Karkonosze mountains. We will find out what traces have been left by the glaciers that once covered the Karkonosze mountains. The trip starts from Samotnia hut and continues along the blue trail to Akademicka Strzecha. Going further through Biały Jar, you will pass the site of the greatest avalanche disaster in the Karkonosze mountains, which happened in 1968 and resulted in 19 victims. Getting to “Równia pod Śnieżką”, you will be able to enjoy the greatest subalpine complex of peatlands in the Karkonosze mountains, with an area of approx. 30 hectares. By the huts, “Dom Śląski” and “Lucni Bouda”, you will get to know the most important facts about the history of man’s development of the Karkonosze mountains. There was once a trail connecting Śląsk and the Czech Republic here. The best time to visit: from May to September.
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