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dystans (km) wysokość m n.p.m.
Karkonosze Centre of Ecological Education KPN in Szklarska Poręba  › Wodospad Kamieńczyka › Hala Szrenicka › Szrenica
Conquering the peak of Szrenica, located 1362 m above sea level, is a real mountain adventure and a challenge for every traveller. Many trails can lead you to this beautiful mountain, but we offer you one, during which it will be impossible to get bored, and additionally, you will broaden your knowledge of the nature of the Karkonosze mountains. You will start your trip with a visit to the Karkonosze Centre of Ecological Education KPN in Szklarska Poręba. This virtual introduction to the real trip will allow you to understand the many aspects of the forest ecosystem of the Karkonosze mountains: the floors of the lower montane, the upper montane and the subalpine one. You will learn not only about examples of flora and fauna, but you will also find out about the process of the reconstruction of post-disaster areas. After leaving the centre, you will go along the black trail toward Kamieńczyk Waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the Karkonosze mountains. It is worth relaxing here for a short time and taking some photos. After the break, you will go in the direction of “Hala Szrenicka“. Before reaching the peak of Szrenica you will pass the fantastically shaped rock formations “Końskie Łby“ (Horse Heads) and “Trzy Świnki“ (Three Piggies).
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