Szrenica › Twarożnik › Źródło Łaby › Labska bouda › Szklarska Poręba
dystans (km) wysokość m n.p.m.
Another great winter snowshoeing tour begins at Szrenica. But before taking the chairlift to the summit, you should use the opportunity to visit the Karkonosze Centre of Ecological Education in Szklarska Poręba, located just at the bottom of the lift station. The exhibition ”Virtual Mountains” awaits visitors- it is a large panorama and a 3D model of the Karkonosze mountains. In an interactive way they present, among other things; glacial cauldrons, bogs, fauna and flora, forests, natural phenomena, and the influence of humans on the mountains. In the workshop hall you can observe nature using binoculars. When you reach the top, turn left along the red trail and go in the direction of the radio and TV broadcasting station, which is visible, hanging just above the Śnieżne Kotły. Walking along the border after passing Twarożnik, turn to the Czech side towards the source of the Łaba river and then continue to the Labska Bouda hut. The return journey will lead you again across the border to the hut “Schronisko pod Łabskim Szczytem”. Then you should continue going down the yellow trail to Szklarska Poręba.
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