Mineralogical Museum
dane kontaktowe:
ul. Kilińskiego 20
58-580 Szklarska Poręba
Since 1993 the museum in run by the Sokołowski family: Renata, Grzegorz and their son Kzimierz. The parents’ passion is also shared by two daughters who run a similar institution in Kamień Pomorski. The museum in Szklarska Poręba offers almost 3000 exhibits: mineral stones and fossils from all over the world, as well as Gibeon’s meteorite - an exhibit from cosmic space. In front of the museum building there is “CARBONIFEROUS WOOD”, the only one in Europe, in the form of fossil Dadoxylon tree trunks. The trees were growing here about 300 million years ago. Fossil exhibits and dinosaurs’ skeletons collected in the museum are an attraction for every visitor. It is the biggest in Poland private collection of these reptiles which inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. Among the exhibits there are also eggs of dinosaurs from China. The oldest fossils presented in the museum are 570 million years old stromatolites originating from The Kaczawskie Mountains and trilobites dated for Lower Cambrian period (530 million years ago). The museum provides an audio-video room where popularized scientific films are shown.
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