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Are you ready to meet the reptiles from hundreds of millions of years ago? If so, we invite you to Dinopark, where there are several reconstructions of life-sized dinosaurs, which are distributed among the rocks and hills in the vast forest. Each of these dinosaurs looks like a living thing - some quietly break the leaves off the highest branches in the forest, some are preparing to spring on their prey. Others look so that people with weak nerves prefer not to have a closer look. For example, the ferocious predator Albertosaurus - "Lizard from Alberta" found in the province of Canada. Or the Centrosaurus - a herbivorous dinosaur with an over 1m long, horned skull. Its frill had two skin-covered holes, to reduce the weight of the skull. There are also a great many other specimens, whose names are known only to the most dedicated enthusiasts of the Earth's natural history. For those who don't find enough emotion when in contact with reptiles from millions of years ago, we have prepared a 5D Cinema. It is one of the latest attractions, which combines elements of 3D entertainment with such effects as moving and vibrating seats, sparkling water, blowing wind, or the falling snow. The viewer has the impression participating in the movie's action. This is an excellent form of entertainment, education and great fun for people of all ages. 5D Theater provides unforgettable experience and stimulates all senses. For the youngest explorers we have prepared e.g. a huge sandbox with a dinosaur skeleton in it. The Dinopark is a place for family adventure for children, parents and grandparents alike. The Dinopark is the perfect blend of education, recreation and rest.
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