Astro-trail in the Jizera
Stacja Turystycznej ORLE
58-580 Szklarska Poręba
An incredible attraction for tourists and lovers of the starry night-sky is being created in Szklarska Poreba-Jakuszyce at ORLE Station Tourist. As part of the Jizera Dark-Sky Park, an astro-trail is being built, including a model of the solar system. Each of its elements is created from a different type of rocks originating from Lower Silesia. The trail is a lesson in both astronomy and geology. As the authors of the idea write at Jizera-Darsky.eu, the characteristic feature of the trail is its location it in the mountains. This allows visitors not only to learn about the valuable nature of a unique place in the Sudetes, which is the upper valley of the Jizera River, but also to expand their knowledge on the Universe. The entire project is being developed as part of the so-called Jizera Projects. This magical path has already been dubbed by astronomy enthusiasts the "Journey through the Solar System", "Road to the Stars" and "Touching the Universe". With time, maybe it would acquire its own original name? "Astro-trail" is being created under the project implemented by "astro enthusiasts", among whom we should mention Prof. Michał Tomczak, Dr. Tomasz Mrożek, and Dr. Sylwester Kołomański - scientists from the Institute of Astronomy, University of Wroclaw, Zbigniew Kaminski - a forester from Świeradów Zdrój and the host of Orle Stanisław Kornafel.
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