Death Curve
Droga Sudecka
58-580 Szklarska Poręba
The Death Curve takes its name from a very sharp and dangerous curve at Droga Sudecka [The Sudeten Road] between Szklarska Poręba and Świeradów Zdrój at the altitude of 775 m above sea level. The road curves at the angle of almost 180’. It is an excellent view point over The Karkonosze Mountains panorama, Szklarska Poręba and Jelenia Góra Valley. It owes its name to numerous car accidents caused by careless and speeding drivers. Below the curve, by the trail to Zbójeckie Skały [Robbers’ Rocks], there is a side drift of an old pyrite mine from 17th century. Access: Buczka, Dworcowa, Armii Krajowej Streets, in the direction of Świeradów Zdrój. Black trail leads to Zakręt Śmierci (around Szklarska Poręba) and yellow trail from Szklarska Poręba Dolna [Lower Szklarska Poręba] through Zbójeckie Skały [Robbers’ Rocks] up to Wysoki kamień [High Stone].
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