Garden of the Mountain Spirit
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ul. 11 Listopada 23
58-580 Szklarska Poręba
Historic park situated near the Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann’s House in Szklarska Poręba which underwent general reconstruction in 2011 is one of the most interesting natural, scenic and historical complexes in the Jelenia Góra Valley. Within the 4,5 hectare area of the park are beautiful mountain routes with the total length of more than 1 km which lead tourists along the most interesting habitats of the park’s flora. The entire trail consists of five thematic houses, each of an individual and unique character: the Wodnik Pożyteczny Hut – with a mill-wheel and a balcony which presents a spectacular view of the ‘moczydło’; the Secret Hut – hidden beneath the grassy slope, frontally open with tables and benches inside; the Mountains Spirit Cottage – based on 18 acacia-wood pillars. Inside the cottage are tables and benches concentrated around the fireplace and grill as well as the utility room in the back; the Moss and Fern Dwarf Hut – made of wood boards with gable roof covered with branches, grass, moss and lichens. Near the hut are the ‘mushroom’ fence, the ‘mushroom’ table and the ‘mushroom’ stools. The Rzepich Zielarek Hut – erected in the form of simple croft where walls are made of vertical pales corresponding to the garden’s fence design. Such natural and wooden elements of small architecture form a unique route called the ‘Garden of the Mountain Spirit’ and perfectly suit the mountainous and slightly rough character of the park. The additional attraction for the youngest visitors is the good fitness Palace – the place which promotes physical activity in the form of a children's playground with accessories made of materials which correspond to the elements of the parks’ small architecture. A great asset of the park are the beautiful and vast panoramas of the Karkonasze Mountains which visitors can admire from the pergola situated on a stone ring and erected in half-timbered style characteristic for the park’s small architecture.
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