Okraj mountain pass / Pomezní Boudy
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Przełęcz Okraj 1
58-530 Kowary
The Okraj Mountain Pass is a depression dividing Kowarski Grzbiet (mountain ridge being a part of the Karkonosze mountains), and Lasocki Grzbiet (another mountain ridge). It is picturesquely located on the altitude of 1046m above sea level. ince XVII century shepherding was developing here, so many shepherds' sheds and huts were being built. In the 1st half of XIX cent very famous were horned sleighs downhill drives from the pass to Kowary. A few years before people started to revive this tradition and almost every year the "International Horned Sleighs Downhill Drive" is organised. When the Karkonosze mountains made the border between Austria and Prussia Okraj was an important part of it. A border pass and a customhouse were created then. Nowadays there is a watchtower of the Border Guard and a shelter-home. Many people connect Okraj to former smugglers' route. Fortunately today this place caters a possibility to cross the border legally. On Polish side an asphalt road coming from Przełęcz Kowarska (another mountain pass) leads to a border pass between Poland an Czech Republic located right there. The pass is designed for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. On the second side of the border Mala Upa, a Czech shepherds' village is located. Okraj is a cross-point for numerous bike routes, foot routes and there are also many ski slopes near. It is a popular rest area, especially in winter. Okraj is a place crossed every year by thousands of tourists from Poland, Czech Republic and another countries as well. Besides the pass is quite an attraction in itself. Beautiful sights spread around. It is also a starting point for walking around the Karkonosze or Grzbiet Lasocki mountains.
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