"Nowy Dwór" mansion
ul. Zamkowa
58-530 Kowary
"Nowy Dwór" ("new mansion"). Erected in 1570 by the count von Schaffgotsch, remodeled in XVIIct. Around the mansion a very interesting park arranged in XIXct. Visiting it possible only after acquiring the owner's permission. The New Mansion is located in the north-eastern part of Kowary, in a quarter called once Radociny. Radociny is a former village located between Kowary and Wojków. From the centre of Kowary it takes about 25 minutes of leisurely walk to get there. The place has a long story. The building erected around 1570 Kasper von Shaffgosch for his younger son. The children of Kasper and his wife Anna von Siebental started three separate branches of the Schaffgotsch family out of which the Schwarzbach branch possessed the New Mansion until the Thirty Years War. After execution of Hans Ulrich von Schaffgotsch in 1639 the property was purchased by count Prokop Czernin who descended from a very famous family - the Czernins. They were of the old Czech nobility. For centuries they belonged to associates of rulers, first Czech kings, then the Austrian Emperors. Originally their family town was Chudenice but becoming richer and richer they were buying many more estates. Probably in the late XV century a side line of them settled in Silesia. In XVII century they owned estates in Karkonosze including Kowary. After Silesian Wars, in 1747, the mansion was purchased from the Czernins by the king of Prussia, Frederick the Great. At the beginning of XVIII century the kings sold it to the Kopsi family. In 1820, because of an economic depression, it came to a division and sale of the Kowarian estate. The very mansion was bought by Henry LXXIV Reuss-Schleiz-Kosterlitz who in turn passed it to his son Henry IX. Henry IX enlarged the estate by purchase of former knights' lands comprising villages of Gruszków and Wysoka Łąka. At the beginning of XX century the New Mansion was in ruin. Only in 1913 it was meticulously renovated. In the last year of First World War the duchess Feodora von Reuss designed some rooms of the mansion for wounded German officers. The mansion was in possession of the the Reuss family until 1939. After Second World War it served as a rest house, then was held in lease by the health resort Cieplice and nowadays it is in private hands.
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