Miejsce: Church Wang
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Na Śnieżkę 8
WWW: www.karpacz.pl
Miejsce: Lower Silesia Monuments miniature Park
GPS: 50.798632012592 , 15.833959579468
Adres: Kowary , ul. Zamkowa 9
E-mail: poczta@park-miniatur.com
Telefon: +48757522242
WWW: http://www.park-miniatur.com

In the area of Carpet Factory the "Miniatures Park of Monuments of Lower Silesia" has been made. The goal of this undertaking is to create a show-place as well as a new information centre of Euroregion Nysa. Visitors to this park have the possibility to acquaint themselves with some architectural structures of Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk) such as palaces, cloisters, churches, old centres of silesian towns etc minutely imitated precisely in the scale of 1 : 25. These miniatures have been produced according to the newest technics from a weather conditions-proof stuff which makes them suitable for exposure in the open air. Much of green colour, a beauty of surrounding landscape, a very minute imitation of details, they all render the already beautiful monuments even more attractive. The evening floodligts of park together with the soundtrack put visiting Gulliwers in a most wonderful mood. The slogan of this place is "Smile because right for You we have created Your land of fantasy".
Miejsce: Siruwia Ogród Japoński
GPS: 50.735833 , 15.739167
Adres: Przesieka , Brzozowe Wzgórze 8b
Telefon: 509789426
WWW: www.siruwia.pl
Miejsce: Lapońska Wioska KALEVALA
Adres: Borowice , ul. Lapońska 1, Borowice, Podgórzyn
WWW: https://pl-pl.facebook.com/kalevalapl/
Miejsce: Misteries of Karkonosze
GPS: 50.77361111 , 15.74972222
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Mickiewicza 1A
E-mail: karkonoskietajemnice@gmail.com
Telefon: 48757619999
WWW: http://www.karkonoskietajemnice.pl

Discover the Underground Kingdom of Mountain Spirit Misteries of Karkonosze will carry you over to the mysterious world. We will meet the Mountain Spirit eye to eye and you will get in touch with legends and history of Karkonosze. You will find the incredible labourer, glass-blower, Walończycy and horrifying Mandragora. Thanks to the interactive character of underground kingdom you can participate in the life of former Karkonosze inhabitants. Incredible game of light and sound will intensify your feelings and experiences. Why Mountain Spirit is called Turnipcounter? How to create the Philosopher’s Stone? Rain Evoking Machine and Magic Drum – do they really exist? What the Alchemical Chamber of Four Elements really stands for? The answers for above questions and many others can be found in the Misteries of Karkonosze… Here magic and unfathomable natural forces rule.
Miejsce: Private museum of technology and building with Lego
GPS: 50.774054 , 15.748263
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Mickiewicza 11
E-mail: kontakt@muzeumklockow.pl
Telefon: 48 602 465 458
WWW: http://www.muzeumklockow.pl

Starting from 6 January 2015, you can admire remarkable models and constructions from Lego bricks in Karpacz. But this is not only an exhibition, but rather a huge playground for the youngest as well as older guests. The display is equipped with buttons, joysticks and remote controls which allow to put the models in motion. An unusual entertainment zone of Lego bricks, remotely controlled models and Lego brick robots in Karpacz. This is the only place where you can see and play the unique models built of Lego bricks. Larger display, even more interactive.
Miejsce: Dinopark
GPS: 50.837047 , 15.542328
Adres: Szklarska Poręba , ul. Muzealna 7
Telefon: 48795577755
WWW: http://www.dinopark.com.pl/

Are you ready to meet the reptiles from hundreds of millions of years ago? If so, we invite you to Dinopark, where there are several reconstructions of life-sized dinosaurs, which are distributed among the rocks and hills in the vast forest. Each of these dinosaurs looks like a living thing - some quietly break the leaves off the highest branches in the forest, some are preparing to spring on their prey. Others look so that people with weak nerves prefer not to have a closer look. For example, the ferocious predator Albertosaurus - "Lizard from Alberta" found in the province of Canada. Or the Centrosaurus - a herbivorous dinosaur with an over 1m long, horned skull. Its frill had two skin-covered holes, to reduce the weight of the skull. There are also a great many other specimens, whose names are known only to the most dedicated enthusiasts of the Earth's natural history. For those who don't find enough emotion when in contact with reptiles from millions of years ago, we have prepared a 5D Cinema. It is one of the latest attractions, which combines elements of 3D entertainment with such effects as moving and vibrating seats, sparkling water, blowing wind, or the falling snow. The viewer has the impression participating in the movie's action. This is an excellent form of entertainment, education and great fun for people of all ages. 5D Theater provides unforgettable experience and stimulates all senses. For the youngest explorers we have prepared e.g. a huge sandbox with a dinosaur skeleton in it. The Dinopark is a place for family adventure for children, parents and grandparents alike. The Dinopark is the perfect blend of education, recreation and rest.
Miejsce: Mine „Podgórze”
GPS: 50.758747524604 , 15.840600874375
Adres: Kowary , ul. Podgórze 55
E-mail: kopalniapodgorze@gmail.com
Telefon: 48537473982
WWW: http://www.kopalniapodgorze.pl

Mine „Podgórze is an underground tourist route. Drifts 19 and 19a are an exceptionally interesting underground facilities. They were built in 1 951 -1 958 as one of the main excavation sites of “Foothills” mine. The mining was carried out for as long as to 1 958, while in 1974-1989 the only Radium Inhalation Centre of Cieplice Health-Resort was operating where research concerning radium treatment was carried out. In “Mines of Kowary” one can learn history of mining in Kowary, from mining of precious metals: semi-precious stones, iron, silver and lead ore to secret activity of Industry Plant R-1. With experienced personnel of drift guides you will sightsee the largest uranium mine in the country, discovering unknown historical facts
Miejsce: Pałacowa Bawialnia
Adres: Kowary , Kowary, ul. Zamkowa 9
Telefon: +48 669 955 994
WWW: https://palacowa-bawialnia.pl/pl/
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Obrońców Pokoju 4a
Miejsce: Glass Factory in the Woods
GPS: 50.824557 , 15.538892
Adres: Szklarska Poręba , ul. Kołłątaja 2
E-mail: lesnahuta1@wp.pl
Telefon: 48757172303
WWW: http://www.lesnahuta.pl

Owing to abundant resources of quartz and wood in the forests surrounding The Karkonosze Mountains Szklarska Poręba has been known for many centuries for crystal glass manufacturing. First glass factory was opened in Szklarska Poręba Dolna [Lower Szklarska Poręba] at Szklarski Potok[Szklarski Creek] in the middle of 14th century. Today the many centuries lasting tradition of glass manufacturing is preserved by Mr Henryk Łubkowski, who turned Leśna Huta into family business. Visitors coming there can watch coloured glass being hand made in front of their eyes. The factory manufactures diversified glass forms and ornaments, like flower vases or table glassware. In manufacturing process old tools and moulds are used, which results in better perfection of products made by expert craftsmen. Broken glass and admixture of glazier’s sand are base materials used in the manufacturing process. Factory Outlet by Leśna Huta is open for customers.
Miejsce: Western City
GPS: 50.783232071155 , 15.781739021482
Adres: Karpacz , Ściegny
Telefon: 757619560
WWW: www.western.com.pl
Miejsce: Park Rozrywki Esplanada
GPS: 50.828398 , 15.521827
Telefon: 48757428717
WWW: http://parkesplanada.pl/
Miejsce: Adits of Kowary – „Liczyrzepa”
GPS: 50.759115192506 , 15.847456455231
Adres: Kowary , ul. Podgórze 55
E-mail: info@jeleniastruga.pl
Telefon: +48757528458
WWW: http://www.sztolniekowary.com/

This is an interesting and safe touristic route. Tourists can see an underground world of legends, mysteries and the real history of almost 700 years of searching for metals, minerals and exploiting of ore both iron and uranium. This is one of over 20 tunnels belonging once to polish-soviet R1 Plants which used to mine and export an uranium ore to Soviet Union. From 1945 to 1947 this uranium was used there to produce the first soviet A-bombs. The uranium exploiting was a top secret activity then. Also later the designation of tunnels was not completely revealed. Still the inhalation room erected in Kowarian Tunnels to satisfy the demands of Cieplice health resort allowed a radon therapy to be carried out there. It was one of the only three uranium inhalation centres in Europe then. Prepared and opened since 20.04.2000 the sightseeing route amounts about 12000m of galleries, chambers and caves where both Waloons' treasures and connected to mining uranium exhibits are collected. You can see how miners used to work, investigate the process of exploiting uranium, as well as experience the emotions associated with the place. In recesses and corners await undiscovered yet mysteries while echoes of long ago died voices are reflected by vaults of chambers. Sometimes Uranus and Pluton, good spirits of tunnels, appear only to vanish at once in unfathomable galleries. Both Ladies and Gentlemen can test the quality of "Potencjałka" water left by mythical Priap as a gift of nature for the kowarian miners.
Miejsce: Muzeum Sentymentów
GPS: 50.800445099109 , 15.830673242751
Adres: Kowary , Zamkowa 9
Telefon: +48 601 553 876.
Miejsce: „Szklany Ogród”
GPS: 50.850598 , 15.596028
Adres: Piechowice , ul. Szkolna 6
E-mail: promocja@piechowice.pl
Telefon: 48757548909
WWW: http://www.piechowice.pl
Miejsce: Balloon Expedition
GPS: 51.036888 , 15.428017
Adres: Gryfów Śląski , Ubocze 300
E-mail: kontakt@wyprawabalonem.pl, contact@balloonexpedition.com
Telefon: 48888177200
WWW: http://www.wyprawabalonem.pl
Miejsce: Executioner Haus
GPS: 50.803995584351 , 15.841695070267
Adres: Kowary , ul. Zamkowa 4
E-mail: domkata@o2.pl
Telefon: 48607270797
WWW: http://www.domkata.com

Executioner Haus
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Chełmońskiego 32
E-mail: biuro@timegates.pl
Telefon: 602779229
Miejsce: Hala Wspinaczkowa, Pochylnia - Jeżów Sudecki
Adres: Jeżów Sudecki , Polna 30
Telefon: 724 899 484
WWW: http://pochylnia.jgora.pl/
Miejsce: Cyrkland
Adres: Podgórzyn , Miłków 26 C
WWW: www.cyrkland.eu
Miejsce: Polana Jakuszycka
GPS: 50.816079178836 , 15.430691505627
WWW: http://bieg-piastow.pl/
Miejsce: Skwer Radiowej Trójki
GPS: 50.826752567536 , 15.521913434232
Adres: Szklarska Poręba , 1 maja
Miejsce: Cyprian Kamil Norwid Theatre
GPS: 50.899629418999 , 15.73899865087
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Aleja Wojska Polskiego 38
E-mail: widownia@teatrnorwida.pl
Telefon: 75 6428110
WWW: www.teatrnorwida.pl

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries Jelenia Gora was a rich, thriving industrial centre whose residents led a busy social and cultural life.  At that time there were numerous theatrical groups which visited the city and whose plays enjoyed great popularity; however, the city lacked an appropriate venue where regular plays could be staged.  Thanks to the financial assistance of overlords and the generosity of residents the construction of a city theatre commenced in 1903 and was supervised by the very designer, Alfred Daehmel. The theatre was ceremoniously opened as early as in 1904 with staging the first play.  
The building was designed in the Art Nouveau style with features typical for 19th century theatre buildings.  It housed restaurant, exhibition and party rooms, an auditorium, a beer cellar, a cloakroom and utility rooms. The stage was equipped with all necessary equipment and the auditorium could house 700 people.  The whole building had lighting (gas and electric), heating and ventilation.  In its time the building was impressive and modern.
The theatre staged not only plays but also concerts, ceremonies, scientific lectures, national holiday and religious events. The theatre greeted numerous theatre, opera and operetta groups from other cities but first and foremost it was a meeting place for local artists - amateurs.
The turmoil of war spared the city and the theatre. During World War II organized party rallies and propaganda events in the theatre.  The theatre also collected the costumes of the Berlin Opera and immediately after the war the Polish actors team under the leadership of Stefania Domańska, used the costumes staging ‘Zemsta’ (‘The Revenge’) by Aleksander Fredro in August 1945 . 
From the theatre we go along Sudecka Street to the centre.  Bankowa Street is the last point on the route. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centurie, the street was one of the most beautiful routes in Jelenia Góra.  It was surrounded by grand buildings most of which survived to this day. 
Miejsce: Teatr Nasz
GPS: 50.83879757 , 15.58222607
Adres: Piechowice , ul.Kolonijna 27
E-mail: teatr@teatrnasz.pl
Telefon: 48502633518
WWW: http://www.teatrnasz.pl

Teatr Nasz was established in 1991 by a couple of professional actors, Jadwiga and Tadeusz Kuta. They are now accompanied in creating this unique place by a great musician Jacek Szreniawa. Over the last 20 years Teatr Nasz has produced over 40 plays, winning the hearts of its audience - people who keep returning to Karkonosze, often from very distant places, to experience good music, intelligent humour and reflection. Theatre invites its guests for cabaret evenings, and more, every thursday, friday and saturday. After a feast for the soul, there is a feast for the body as well. Teatr Nasz is famous also for its restaurant. Every guest can try specialties of the kitchen, where the Chef is Jadwiga Kuta. Cooking is a really great passion of this repeatedly awarded, acknowledged actress loved by her audience. That is why she can combine classic flavours with culinary avant-garde. Cosy, warm rooms are ready for all of those who do not want to come back home right after a delicious dinner. Every room has a separate bathroom, a window with the view of Karkonosze mountains and common living room with a fireplace, which invites for long, night talks. You want to relax and feel at home? Be our guest!
Miejsce: Interaktywna Wystawa Modeli z klocków LEGO
GPS: 50.77764056 , 15.76118052
E-mail: kontakt@klocki.karpacz.pl
Telefon: 48600030134
WWW: http://www.klocki.karpacz.pl
Miejsce: The Animation Theater Jelenia Góra in Poland
GPS: 50.863129 , 15.681315
Adres: Jelenia Góra , ul. Park Zdrojowy 1
E-mail: sekretariat@teatr.jgora.pl, scenaanimacji@teatr.jgora.pl
Telefon: 48757557690
WWW: http:/www.teatr.jgora.pl
Miejsce: Okraj mountain pass / Pomezní Boudy
GPS: 50.74695154124 , 15.823531150817
Adres: Kowary , Przełęcz Okraj 1
WWW: http://www.kowary.pl

The Okraj Mountain Pass is a depression dividing Kowarski Grzbiet (mountain ridge being a part of the Karkonosze mountains), and Lasocki Grzbiet (another mountain ridge). It is picturesquely located on the altitude of 1046m above sea level. ince XVII century shepherding was developing here, so many shepherds' sheds and huts were being built. In the 1st half of XIX cent very famous were horned sleighs downhill drives from the pass to Kowary. A few years before people started to revive this tradition and almost every year the "International Horned Sleighs Downhill Drive" is organised. When the Karkonosze mountains made the border between Austria and Prussia Okraj was an important part of it. A border pass and a customhouse were created then. Nowadays there is a watchtower of the Border Guard and a shelter-home. Many people connect Okraj to former smugglers' route. Fortunately today this place caters a possibility to cross the border legally. On Polish side an asphalt road coming from Przełęcz Kowarska (another mountain pass) leads to a border pass between Poland an Czech Republic located right there. The pass is designed for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. On the second side of the border Mala Upa, a Czech shepherds' village is located. Okraj is a cross-point for numerous bike routes, foot routes and there are also many ski slopes near. It is a popular rest area, especially in winter. Okraj is a place crossed every year by thousands of tourists from Poland, Czech Republic and another countries as well. Besides the pass is quite an attraction in itself. Beautiful sights spread around. It is also a starting point for walking around the Karkonosze or Grzbiet Lasocki mountains.
Miejsce: Town Hall
GPS: 50.793392115813 , 15.835397388885
Adres: Kowary , ul. 1 Maja 1a
E-mail: turystyka@kowary.pl
Telefon: +48757182489
WWW: http://www.kowary.pl

Since its construction, the Town Hall has been the most beautiful building in the centre of Kowary. The seat of municipal authorities was designed by a renowned German architect Christian Schultz and built in 1786-1789. Its historic qualities and attention to architectural details make it one of the most beautiful public buildings in Lower Silesia. You should visit the interior. In the lobby, you can admire interesting murals with the coat of arms of Kowary of the times when it became a free royal town thanks to Frederick the Great. The most interesting room, however, is located upstairs. The Debating Chamber of the City Council has an unusual oval shape, and the ceiling features allegorical visions of what Kowary has been famous for since time immemorial – mining, blacksmithing, weaving and herbalism. The Tourist Office opened in the basement of the Town Hall welcomes all who want to learn more about the city.
Miejsce: Tradition House
GPS: 50.7927727427 , 15.835810303689
Adres: Kowary , ul. Górnicza 1
E-mail: smk@smk-kowary.pl
WWW: http://www.smk-kowary.pl/

In the very heart of the city, on Górnicza Street, in an inconspicuous looking tenement, is the seat of the Kowary Tradition House, which has been the headquarters the Kowary Lover’s Association for several dozen years.
Miejsce: Podziemia WROTA CZASU
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Chełmońskiego
Miejsce: Jeleniogórskie Centrum Kultury
GPS: 50.902020475928 , 15.73712852115
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Bankowa 28/30
E-mail: jck@jck.pl
Telefon: 75 64 23 880 (881)
WWW: http://www.jck.pl/
Miejsce: Starościńskie Skały
GPS: 50.844892914933 , 15.905592704949
WWW: http://rudawyjanowickie.pl/pl/ciekawe-skaly/421-staroscinskie-skaly.html
Miejsce: Schaffgotsch palace
GPS: 50.864995067726 , 15.681875015465
Telefon: tel. 75 75 510 48

The Schaffgotsch family, ruling vast lands around Karkonosze Mountains, settled in Cieplice in 1675. Their previous seat was the Chojnik castle, burned down due to a stroke of lightning. They settled in an old manor house which also succumbed to the destructive force of fire. Designed by Jan Jerzy Rudolph from Opole, the new seat of the family was built in 1783 - 1788. The façade of the building awes with its size as it is over 80m long and has three stories. Its greatest ornament are two semi-circularly finished porticos with richly ornamented cartouches carrying the family crest of the owners. 
The interior boasts richly ornamented early classicistic fittings. The most prominent room is the ball room with rich moulding adorning the walls and ceiling and flooring made of several kinds of wood. The two salons, yellow and blue, padded with silk fabric are equally plush. The other interiors have been rebuilt after World War II.
The palace currently houses a branch of the Wrocław University of Technology.
Advancing on the Piastowski Square on the right side we will pass the buildings of the health resort. It is the Zdrojowy House with a well-room and pools used in treatment. You may be interested to find that in the 18th century this place also housed a pond used to treat animals called the „Horse Spring”.  Opposite there is a free-standing bell tower at the foot of which is a gate leading on to St. John the Baptist’s Church and a monastery building. If we turn right before the gate, on the left side we will see the so-called Long House, deeper inside there are other buildings of the post-Cistercian complex and directly in front a statue of Saint John of Nepomuk
Miejsce: Kolorowa Sports and Leisure Centre
GPS: 50.7738 , 15.7526
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Parkowa 10
E-mail: biuro@kolorowa.pl
Telefon: 48757619098
WWW: http://kolorowa.pl/

All-year luge tracks in the city centre, 1,060 m and 800 m long.
Miejsce: Death Curve
GPS: 50.848987 , 15.536554
Adres: Szklarska Poręba , Droga Sudecka

The Death Curve takes its name from a very sharp and dangerous curve at Droga Sudecka [The Sudeten Road] between Szklarska Poręba and Świeradów Zdrój at the altitude of 775 m above sea level. The road curves at the angle of almost 180’. It is an excellent view point over The Karkonosze Mountains panorama, Szklarska Poręba and Jelenia Góra Valley. It owes its name to numerous car accidents caused by careless and speeding drivers. Below the curve, by the trail to Zbójeckie Skały [Robbers’ Rocks], there is a side drift of an old pyrite mine from 17th century. Access: Buczka, Dworcowa, Armii Krajowej Streets, in the direction of Świeradów Zdrój. Black trail leads to Zakręt Śmierci (around Szklarska Poręba) and yellow trail from Szklarska Poręba Dolna [Lower Szklarska Poręba] through Zbójeckie Skały [Robbers’ Rocks] up to Wysoki kamień [High Stone].
Miejsce: Rope center Tarzan
GPS: 50.773542 , 15.741261
Adres: Karpacz , Gimnazjalna 2
E-mail: it@dzielnica4wyznan.info.pl
Telefon: 48713461534
WWW: http://www.parklinowykarpacz.pl
Miejsce: Private Museum of Video Games
GPS: 50.77408 , 15.74801
Adres: Karpacz , Ul. Mickiewicza 11
E-mail: kontakt@muzeumgier.karpacz.pl
Telefon: 48602465458
WWW: http://www.muzeumgier.karpacz.pl

We have the pleasure to invite you to Poland’s only and Europe’s third Private Museum of Video Games. This remarkable place will take you all back in time. Only here can you experience the unusual, unique, limited or rare games and consoles, the first generations of which date back to the 1970s. Come and see what TV games looked like more than 40 years ago! Play classic titles on pads from a different era. You can see the evolution of video games and the equipment for playing. We provide loads of entertainment and nostalgia along with interesting trivia related to the video games industry.
Miejsce: Mill of Love
GPS: 50.784356 , 15.72158
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Karkonoska 53

Aplace for those in love .
Miejsce: „Julia” GlassworksCrystal World
GPS: 50.850529 , 15.588409
Adres: Piechowice , Kryształowa 73
E-mail: turystyka@hutajulia.com
Telefon: 48757612413
WWW: http://www.hutajulia.com

For more than 140 years 'Julia' Glassworks has been manufacturing crystal masterpieces. Since our still functioning factory is available for visitors, it has become a very popular tourist attraction. Aside from sightseeing, one can take part in various workshops, both for children and for grown-ups.
GPS: 50.902967723617 , 15.749820734207
Adres: Jelenia Góra , 1Maja 80
Telefon: 506 739 572
WWW: discowrotki.pl
Miejsce: Tyrolean house
GPS: 50.832332 , 15.788482
Adres: Mysłakowice , Daszyńskiego
Miejsce: Jaws Greenland Whale
GPS: 50.842698 , 15.780892
Adres: Mysłakowice , Sułkowskiego 1
Miejsce: Park Miniatur Budowle Świata
GPS: 50.840457 , 15.777704
Adres: Mysłakowice , Łokietka 20
Telefon: 605 210 520
WWW: http://www.budowleswiata.com/
Miejsce: Siedlisko Pstrąga Park
GPS: 50.825943 , 15.793907
Adres: Mysłakowice , Łąkowa 4/1
E-mail: biuro@siedliskopstraga.pl
Telefon: 75 617 13 14
WWW: www.siedliskopstraga.pl
Miejsce: Fairy Tales Park
GPS: 50.767945 , 15.763258
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Wilcza 2

Fairy tale houses, children's playground and a miniature of Śnieżka mountains.
Miejsce: House of Adopted Dolls
GPS: 50.776221 , 15.746399
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Rybacka 3b

An exhibition of mimes, dolls and pierrots by Ula Jonkisz.
Miejsce: Orlinek Ski Jump K-85
GPS: 50.768433 , 15.74051
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Olimpijska

Viewing platform, Tyrolean traverse, bungee jumping, pendulum, climbing.
Miejsce: Krąg 2000 Azyl Żelaznych Ludzi
GPS: 50.822222 , 15.525947
Adres: Szklarska Poręba , ul. Kilińskiego
Miejsce: Plac Piastowski w Cieplicach
GPS: 50.865218526797 , 15.68142440433
Adres: Cieplice Jelenia Góra , Ul. Plac Piastowski
GPS: 50.865337 , 15.6781805
Adres: Cieplice Jelenia Góra , Park Zdrojowy 5
E-mail: bok@termycieplickie.pl
Telefon: 757546901
WWW: www.termycieplickie
Miejsce: Kaplica Świętej Anny na Grabowcu i Dobre Źródło.
GPS: 50.80216924854635 , 15.738016141297821
Miejsce: Sudeckie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki
Adres: Szklarska Poręba , Grabskiego 5
E-mail: kontakt@arssudetica.pl
Telefon: 502 152 223
WWW: http://www.arssudetica.pl/index.html
Miejsce: Cafe Turystyczna
GPS: 50.904215964832 , 15.732187923581
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Podwale 1
E-mail: info@cafeturystyczna.pl
Telefon: 792 210 844
Miejsce: Klub Kulturalny Jelenia Góra
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Sobieskiego 20A
Telefon: 577 272 700
Miejsce: Czekoladziarnia
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Jana III Sobieskiego 2
E-mail: poczta@czekoladziarnia.eu
Telefon: 725 526 088
WWW: http://czekoladziarnia.eu/
Miejsce: Kościół św. Marcina w Sobieszowie
Adres: Jelenia Góra Sobieszów , Karkonoska
Telefon: 7575534 10
WWW: parafiasobieszow.pl
Miejsce: Kościół Najświętszego Serca Pana Jezusa w Sobieszowie
Adres: Jelenia Góra Sobieszów , Cieplicka 219
Telefon: 7575534 10
WWW: parafiasobieszow.pl
Miejsce: Długi Dom
Adres: Cieplice Jelenia Góra , Ściegiennego 5
Telefon: 757533143
WWW: www.uzdrowisko-cieplice.pl
Miejsce: Klub Kwadrat
GPS: 50.895294463184 , 15.731656814759
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Bankowa 28/30
Miejsce: Plac Ratuszowy w Jeleniej Górze
GPS: 50.903224830376 , 15.736723005255
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Plac Ratuszowy 58
WWW: jeleniagora.pl
Miejsce: Kopalnia Stanisław
GPS: 50.851260437252 , 15.438244606213
Miejsce: Kolorowe Jeziorka w Gminie Marciszów
GPS: 50.827926677718 , 15.975973869497
WWW: http://kolorowejeziorka.pl/
Miejsce: Park Zdrojowy
Adres: Jelenia Góra/Cieplice Zdr. , Cieplice
Miejsce: Przystań Twórcza
GPS: 50.861598282062 , 15.65576926384
Adres: Cieplice Jelenia Góra , Cieplicka74
E-mail: sekretariat@przystantworcza.pl
Telefon: (75) 712 28 92
WWW: http://www.przystantworcza.pl
Miejsce: Osiedlowy Dom Kultury
GPS: 50.91293971898 , 15.756188132811
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Krzysztofa K. Trzcińskiego 12
E-mail: odk5@wp.pl
Telefon: (75) 75 31 831
WWW: http://odk.karkonosze.com/index.php/articles/c13/
Miejsce: Rzeka Kamienna - AMP
GPS: 50.828902539029 , 15.541949535562
Miejsce: Filharmonia Dolnośląska w Jeleniej Górze
GPS: 50.901090124622 , 15.733893777077
Adres: Jelenia Góra , ul. Piłsudskiego 60
E-mail: sekretariat@filharmonia.jgora.pl
Telefon: + 48 75 75 381 65
WWW: http://www.filharmonia.jgora.pl/pl/repertuar
Miejsce: Szklarska Poręba - miejsca różne
GPS: 50.826977904107 , 15.522229934884
WWW: http://www.szklarskaporeba.pl/
Miejsce: Kościół pw. św. Maksymiliana Marii Kolbego
GPS: 50.826417743072 , 15.515713691692
Adres: Szklarska Poręba , ul. Mickiewicza 16
WWW: http://www.maksymilian-szklarska.pl/historia-kosciola-pw-sw-maksymiliana-marii-kolbego-w-szklarskiej-porebie/
Miejsce: Miejski Dom Kultury "Muflon"
Adres: Jelenia Góra , ul. Cieplicka 172
WWW: http://muflon.sobieszow.pl/
Miejsce: Karkonosze - pieśń wiatru i mrozu
GPS: 50.735833 , 15.739167
Miejsce: Rezerwat Krokusów w Górzyńcu
GPS: 50.850420515967 , 15.533902908543
Miejsce: Wodospad Kropelka
GPS: 50.859198300909 , 15.556304718207
Miejsce: Kowary railway station
GPS: 50.798342980835 , 15.824986959633
Adres: Kowary , ul. Dworcowa
WWW: http://stacja-kowary.pl/
Miejsce: Norwegian Pavilion and Park
GPS: 50.858311115314 , 15.679804350059

Until mid-19th century Cieplice had a prosperous paper machine factory founded and operated by the Füllner family. At the beginning of the 20th century its owner, Eugen Füllner, made several investments towards the spa. One investment was creating a picturesque park, called the Norwegian Park. 
It owes its name to a wooden building erected in 1909, whose finishing resembles Viking boats. Eugen Füllner travelled to Norway and inspired by the local folk architecture decided to build a dragon-style pavilion in Cieplice which is now called the Norwegian Pavilion. This Pavilion was inspired by the “Frognerseteren”  restaurant near Oslo. Until the 1950s the pavilion housed a restaurant.
The Norwegian Park occupies some 17ha with several dozen types of trees and bushes. Nearby of the Norwegian Park is a pond. In the past tourists could swim over the pond in a kayak or water bicycle. Today it is inhabited by waterfowl. If we walk along the park avenues we should cross the bridge over the Wrzosówka river to see a stone obelisk commemorating the encounter of two Polish poets, Wincenty Pol and Kornel Ujejski with a Czech naturalist, Jan Evangelist Purkyně. We may conclude our walk on the anti-flood dam that provides a beautiful overview of the Karknosze mountains.
Our tour of Cieplice ends in the Norwegian Park. To reach the next point of the Main City Centre Route we have to drive to Sobieszów and take the tourist trails to arrive at the picturesque ruins of the Chojnik Castle.
Miejsce: Pawilon Edward
GPS: 50.864199409347 , 15.680303240974
Adres: Jelenia Góra/Cieplice Zdr. , Park Zdrojowy
Telefon: 75 75 510 56
WWW: http://www.uzdrowisko-cieplice.pl/pl/obiekt/pawilon-edward
Miejsce: St. John the Baptist’s church
GPS: 50.865509699134 , 15.678881670156
Adres: Jelenia Góra/Cieplice Zdr. , Cieplicka 9
Telefon: 756428810
WWW: cieplice-pijarzy.pl

It was erected in 1714-1717 according to the design of Kasper Jentsch from Jelenia Góra. It is constructed on a polygonal plan without a separate chancel. 
The entry to the church is adorned with a portal crowned with an impressive cartouche. Both sides of the single-nave interior accommodate a row of chapels and, above them, matronea. Its most awe-inspiring feature is the sculpted interior. The main element of the fittings is the main altar (the work of a sculptor from Jelenia Góra, Heinrich Wagner) with the painting of a renowned Silesian painter, Michał Willmann. Another noteworthy element is the pulpit ornamented with low reliefs presenting scenes from the life of the patron of the church. The crypt under the church is a place eternal rest of the members of the Schaffgotsch family who lived in Cieplice. 
The courtyard of the church (former graveyard) houses the column of the Holy Trinity and a statute of Saint Florian, on the surrounding wall there are 16th and 17th century tombstones and funerary stones of the members of the Schaffgotschs family ruling Radomierz (moved from the local church). The courtyard is closed by a four-sided church bell tower erected at the beginning of the 18th century. 
Near the church there is a publicly available spring topped with a sculpture. The nearby information boards provide details about the chemical composition and application of the Cieplice springs.  Coming back towards the Schaffgotsch Palace we pass the „Marysieńka” Spring Sanatorium. The wall of the building hosts a board commemorating the creation of the first mountain guide in Polish, „Warmbrunn and its surroundings...”. It was written by Rozalia Saulson who resided in Cieplice in 1849. Further on our trip from the Piastowski square we should head out for a longer walk to the Zdrojowy Park. 
Miejsce: Saviour’s Evangelical church
GPS: 50.865489384825 , 15.683816934774
Adres: Jelenia Góra/Cieplice Zdr. , Plac Piastowski 18
Telefon: 75 642 66 67
WWW: www.cieplice.luteranie.pl

The church was built in 1774 - 1777. It is among the most precious Lutheran buildings of the Silesian Baroque era.

The interior is simple, hall-like and its beauty lies in the Rococo fittings. The dominant element of the church is the altar, a true architectural treat. The wooden structure is adorned with gildings and sculptures with a painting of Christ, referencing the patron of the temple, in the centre. The wall over the altar houses an equally impressive organ front and behind is a 1927 instrument, the work of Gustaw Heintze, an organ builder from Żary. The entirety is complemented by a richly ornamented pulpit.  The nave of the temple is surrounded by two-storied matronea. The interior is painted in white, the high windows providing excellent lighting to the interior further emphasizing its beauty.

Until the 1970s the church was surrounded by a Lutheran necropolis. The cemetery was liquidated, the tombstones removed and the area developed. Its only remaining memento is the so-called ‘Remembrance Lantern’ standing next to the church (from the side of Veteran’s Square – Plac Kombatanta).

From the church, we are going right, soon to be welcomed by the sight of the most impressive building in Cieplice, the seat of its former owners, the Palace of the Schaffgotsch family.

Miejsce: Church of Elevation of Holy Cross
GPS: 50.904158521922 , 15.744316841327
Adres: Jelenia Góra , 1 Maja 45
E-mail: krzyz_jg@legnica.opoka.org.pl
Telefon: 756423282, 605938513
WWW: www.kosciolgarnizonowy.pl

The temple was erected as a proof of grace of the catholic Emperor of Austria for the Silesian evangelicals. Under the arrangement concluded in Altranstädt after a religious war they were granted the right to build six churches in Silesia which at that time was under Austrian rule.  

The design of the temple was prepared by the architect, Martin Frantz of Tallin.  The construction works lasted nine years (1709-1718) and the newly built church was deceptively similar to its prototype - St. Catherine’s Church in Stockholm (the work of the same designer). The structure was erected on the plan of a cross and topped with a dome.  

The interior was equipped with a three-storey matronea which could accommodate more than 2 thousand members of the congregation.  The railings were adorned with citations and paintings displaying scenes from the Old and New Testament.  The altar together with the organ front placed over it make up an extended, beautifully adorned architectural form. 

The high-class instrument founded by a wealthy burgher, Christian Menzel, even today manages to retain a delightful sound. Similarly the sandstone pulpit and the marble front is the equal of the other interior elements as regards the craftsmanship.  

The park surrounding the church was formerly a cemetery.  The complex of the 18th century tombs of wealthy burghers and their families is the only remaining element of the cemetery.  
There are contemporary statues and a geographical centre point of the city on the area belonging to the church.

After visiting the Garrison Church, we go back to 1 Maja Street and turn left passing the magnificent seat of the Jelenia Góra Culture Centre, formerly the Brown Deer Hotel. We cross Wojska Polskiego Street and turn right into Jana Kochanowskiego Street and after a few-minute walk we arrive at the building which currently houses the Secondary School Complex No. 1.
Miejsce: The Town Hall and ‘The Seven Houses
GPS: 50.903306021697 , 15.73428001517
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Plac Ratuszowy
WWW: www.jeleniagora.pl

The Town Hall and ‘The Seven Houses’
The present town hall building was built in the 18th century. If you want to know more about the history of the seat of city authorities you should go down to the cellars where you can find Gothic and Renaissance remains of the predecessors of this building. The first of them was built in the second half of the 14th century. The first brick seat of the authorities was built on today’s Town Hall Square only at the beginning of the 16th century. Subsequent fires ravaging the city caused its destruction: it was renovated a number of times. The present Town Hall was built from 1744 to 1749 and was given a classical look.
At the beginning of the 20th century the tenement houses near the City Hall were bought and adjoined to the town hall (the so-called ‘Seven Houses’). One obstacle preventing the integration of the main building with the tenement houses was a tram line running between the town hall and the tenement houses. The problem was solved by building a covered veranda at the first storey level. 
The so-widened town hall survived to the present day. The two-storey building is crowned with a tower with an onion dome, a clock, and a gallery where a trumpet player used to sound the city bugle call. You can enter the interior through two entrances. Over the southern entrance there is a Latin inscription saying: ‘The City was built by Bolesław Krzywousty in 1108’ . While visiting the interior of the town hall, take your time to admire the sculptures of Ernst Rülke (a teacher of a famous woodcarving school in Cieplice) which grace the balustrade and a low relief in the Conference Room. Another worthwhile memento of the old times is a Medieval well discovered during the last renovation.
Over the centuries, the town hall had many functions; above all, it was the seat of city authorities and a venue of city council’s meetings; however, other important institutions had their seats there: court, archive and treasury. Today the Town Hall houses the City Hall, the City Council and the Registry Office.
Jelenia Góra Trams
Tram communication operated in Jelenia Góra in the years 1897-1969. Today there is not much left of it – just fragments of the tram line and a plaque set in the town hall’s wall, under the gallery connecting the town hall with the ‘Seven Houses’. The plaque was installed on the hundredth anniversary of opening the first tram line. On some buildings you can still find rosettes which were used as fastenings for the tram system and also tram carriages, one of which can be found by the north entrance to the town hall and serves as a souvenir kiosk (the other two trams are placed in front of the tram depot, in Wolności Street and at a bus terminal in Podgórzyn)
The Neptune’s Fountain
Right next to the town hall there is a fountain with a sculpture of Neptune – god of the seas. This may come as a surprise given that the city lies at the foot of several mountain ranges. The sculpture is to commemorate old trade relations with overseas lands. The fountain replaced an old city well in the 19th century. 
We leave the Town Hall Square by taking Maria Konopnicka Street and later turning into Boczna Street to reach the oldest temple in Jelenia Góra – the Basilica of St. Erasmus’ and St. Pancras’.
Miejsce: Transgraniczne centrum turystyki aktywnej
GPS: 50.842108544338 , 15.648175741349
Adres: Jelenia Góra , B. Czecha 14
Telefon: 757553909
WWW: http://www.tcta.com.pl/
Miejsce: Explorers’ Footprints Square
GPS: 50.77499 , 15.754237
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 54

Prints of expedition boots of Polish mountaineers (including Andrzej Zawada, Wanda Rutkiewicz and Piotr Pustenik) cast in bronze.
Miejsce: Chairlift to Kopa
GPS: 50.767584 , 15.729139
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Turystyczna

Chairlift to Kopa (1,375 m) - 2,229 m long, altitude difference 530 m.
Miejsce: Dam on Łomnica River
GPS: 50.7775 , 15.7437
Adres: Karpacz , ul. Rybacka 8

Built in 1910-1925 with a little reservoir. A tourist trails goes along the crown of the dam.
Miejsce: Młyn Świętego Łukasza
GPS: 50.825664 , 15.524973
Adres: Szklarska Poręba , ul. 1 Maja 16
E-mail: mlynlukasza@vp.pl
Telefon: 48535350055
WWW: http://www.mlynlukasza.pl
Miejsce: Cicha Dolina
GPS: 50.846394 , 15.608888
Adres: Piechowice , ul. Cicha Dolina
Miejsce: Bobrowe Skały
GPS: 50.871308 , 15.58525
E-mail: promocja@piechowice.pl
Telefon: 48757548909
WWW: http://www.piechowice.pl
Miejsce: Tunel Skalny
GPS: 50.846611 , 15.582957
Adres: Piechowice , ul. Sudecka
E-mail: promocja@piechowice.pl
Telefon: 48757548909
WWW: http://www.piechowice.pl
Miejsce: Złoty Widok
GPS: 50.832401 , 15.584812
E-mail: promocja@piechowice.pl
Telefon: 48757548909
WWW: http://www.piechowice.pl
Miejsce: Von Reuss family tombs
GPS: 50.80387353773 , 15.843830108643
Adres: Kowary , ul. Zamkowa

Mysterious and incredibly romantic tombs, are hidden behind huge boulders, at the crest of a low lightly forested hill. Two nameless stone tablets cover the remains of the last residents of nearby Nowy Dwór: Heinrich XXX Reuss and his wife Feodora. The Duchess Feo hailed from one of the most influential families in Europe. Her relatives included Queen Victoria, ruler of Great Britain, and several German Emperors. In the same location a few metres away, we find the resting place of Maria Clementine Reuss, whose gravestone is highlighted with beautiful lilies decorating a high stone cross.
Miejsce: St. Anne's Chapel
GPS: 50.786153054231 , 15.846399664878
Adres: Kowary , ul. Świętej Anny
E-mail: turystyka@kowary.pl
Telefon: +48757182489
WWW: http://www.kowary.pl

Late baroque Saint Ann Chapel by the Kowalska street. Erected in 1727. Inside a XVIIIct furniture.
Miejsce: Cultural Center
GPS: 50.789781790534 , 15.833058357238
Adres: Kowary , ul. Szkolna 2
E-mail: kowary.mok@gmail.com
Telefon: +48757182577
WWW: http://www.mok.kowary.pl

The monumental Cultural House building can be found without trouble in the very centre of the Górnicze District. Its entrance is guarded by two stone statues of a miner and foundry worker. This enormous building is of dimensions not often found in a city of Kowary’s size. It was built in the early 1950s in the style of Socialist Realism. It is a memorial and reminder of sorts of the prosperity associated with the extraction of uranium ore in Kowary’s mines. Today it is the head office of the City Cultural Centre and the city’s library. Inside, aside from the reading room, the exhibition hall and the workshop, we can admire the viewing hall, whose walls are decorated with reliefs by Antoni Mehl dedicated to the obvious theme of mining.
Miejsce: Śnieżka Forest District Park
GPS: 50.79054024087 , 15.837875750015
Adres: Kowary , ul. Leśna 4a
E-mail: sniezka@wroclaw.lasy.gov.pl
Telefon: 48757182212
WWW: http://www.sniezka.wroclaw.lasy.gov.pl/

At Leśna Street in Kowary, there is the newly-built seat of the "Śnieżka" Forest District Office.The area of activity of this institution covers two mountain ranges the Giant Mountains and the Janowickie Ore Mountains, and a large part of the Jelenia Góra Valley. It deals primarily with forest management, but it is also responsible for protecting the forest and its resources. The building of the Forest District Office is located on the edge of a small park with an interesting historic stand of trees. Shrubs and trees growing on the park hill and slope form a picturesque backdrop. Certainly, it will appeal to those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the Old Town. Although it is still the centre of Kowary, one can feel almost like in the middle of the forest. This park is a kind of a "green island" in the middle of the city. The park located next to the Forest District Office building features an interesting educational nature path with visual boards that help to better understand the forest theme and explore some secrets of the forest. Walking next to a specially created "bird cafeteria", you can peep at birds most frequently visiting the feeders. Those interested can learn about the characteristics of natural habitats and read a description of the main species of trees growing in the Forest District.
Miejsce: Parish church
GPS: 50.795112469816 , 15.832623839378
Adres: Kowary , Plac Franciszkański 1
WWW: http://www.kowary.franciszkanie.pl/

The oldest monument in Kowary is the Church of the Holy Name of Mary located at Franciszkański Square. The first mention of the church dates back to the 13th century. The church is in the Gothic style, and features a tower topped with a tin helmet. A mysterious sculpture called "Madonna of the monster" preserved from the early Middle Ages on one of the tower walls. Why? You should check it out yourselves. The interior is the most impressive to visitors. It is worth to admire the late-Baroque altar, the pulpit and the organ front. Murals on the wooden ceiling made by Jan Lorenz and his brothers are delighting. The most telling among these paintings is the image of the Trinity, the Ark of the Covenant and the apocalyptic vision of the end of the world. In the vicinity of the church there are: the 18th century Baroque stone bridge on the Jedlica River featuring the sandstone statue of St. John of Nepomuk, and the Roman Catholic rectory building built in 1779-1783.
Miejsce: Tradition and Integration Centrum
GPS: 50.793175094585 , 15.835853364418
Adres: Kowary , ul. 1 Maja 1
E-mail: turystyka@kowary.pl
Telefon: +48756439229
WWW: http://www.kowary.pl

Here you can find a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of mining in the city; from ancient times to contemporary ones. The exhibits related to the discovery of iron ore in the Jedlica Valey, are enough to convince the most sceptical, of the city’s medieval roots. There are also documents and items related to the most controversial era of mining in the city, the extraction of uranium ore in the 20th century.
Miejsce: Piekarnia „ULIJANKA” Pracownia Dobrego Chleba
GPS: 50.848301 , 15.600854
Adres: Piechowice , Żymierskiego 30
E-mail: ulijanka@interia.pl
Telefon: 48756436811
WWW: http://www.ulijanka.pl
Miejsce: Zespół Szkół Rzemiosł Artystycznych w Jeleniej Górze
Adres: Cieplice Jelenia Góra , Cieplicka 34
E-mail: zsart@zsart.edu.pl
Telefon: 75 64 56 236
WWW: http://www.zsart.edu.pl/
Miejsce: Wieża Krzywoustego "Grzybek"
GPS: 50.909388201651 , 15.724393392728
Miejsce: Jeleniogórskie Towarzystwo Fotograficzne
GPS: 50.897638203016 , 15.734548236177
Adres: Jelenia Góra , Wojska Polskiego 37
E-mail: jtf@jtf.com.pl
Telefon: 698 521342
WWW: http://www.jtf.com.pl