Miejsce: Adits of Kowary – „Liczyrzepa”
GPS: 50.759115192506 , 15.847456455231
Adres: Kowary , ul. Podgórze 55
E-mail: info@jeleniastruga.pl
Telefon: +48757528458
WWW: http://www.sztolniekowary.com/

This is an interesting and safe touristic route. Tourists can see an underground world of legends, mysteries and the real history of almost 700 years of searching for metals, minerals and exploiting of ore both iron and uranium. This is one of over 20 tunnels belonging once to polish-soviet R1 Plants which used to mine and export an uranium ore to Soviet Union. From 1945 to 1947 this uranium was used there to produce the first soviet A-bombs. The uranium exploiting was a top secret activity then. Also later the designation of tunnels was not completely revealed. Still the inhalation room erected in Kowarian Tunnels to satisfy the demands of Cieplice health resort allowed a radon therapy to be carried out there. It was one of the only three uranium inhalation centres in Europe then. Prepared and opened since 20.04.2000 the sightseeing route amounts about 12000m of galleries, chambers and caves where both Waloons' treasures and connected to mining uranium exhibits are collected. You can see how miners used to work, investigate the process of exploiting uranium, as well as experience the emotions associated with the place. In recesses and corners await undiscovered yet mysteries while echoes of long ago died voices are reflected by vaults of chambers. Sometimes Uranus and Pluton, good spirits of tunnels, appear only to vanish at once in unfathomable galleries. Both Ladies and Gentlemen can test the quality of "Potencjałka" water left by mythical Priap as a gift of nature for the kowarian miners.