Trasa: Gebäude der Informationsstelle des Karkonoski Nationalparks in Karpacz› Schronisko nad Łomniczką › Śnieżka › Skalny Stół
GPS: 50.7659998 , 15.7575539
Czas przejazdu: 3:15 hh
Dystans: 13.0 km

Information Centre of the Karkonosze National Park in Karpacz › Schronisko nad Łomniczką › Śnieżka › Skalny Stół
Geotourism is a type of knowledge-based tourism based on getting to know the local nature and geological processes. One of the more interesting tours of this type, with 14 information points prepared, takes place in the eastern Karkonosze mountains. The expedition starts at the Information Centre of the Karkonosze National Park, in Karpacz. You can admire characteristic landforms on the touchable three-dimensional model, and watch animations about their origin. It is also worth seeing Karkonosze minerals here. There is a herbs and shrubs garden with over 100 species of medicinal plants, which used to be used by herbalists. After leaving the centre you should go along the yellow trail leading to Łomniczka hut, then, following along the red trail through Kocioł Łomniczki, you reach the Przełęcz pod Śnieżką. From there you go to the top of Śnieżka. After a break at the summit, you will hike to Sowia Przełęcz, then to Skalny Stół, and then back to Sowia Przełęcz, where the black trail through Sowia Dolina will lead you to Karpacz.