Trasa: Jagniątków › Zamek Chojnik › Sobieszów
GPS: 50.8467541 , 15.642185
Czas przejazdu: 1:42 hh
Dystans: 6.8 km

Jagniątków › Dom Hauptmanna › Żelazny Mostek › Żar › Zamek Chojnik › Sobieszów
Jagniątków – the beautifully situated village - will be the starting point for your next journey. At the beginning you will visit the unusual house of Gerhart Hauptmann, now a museum. This large villa and the surrounding park was once a favourite residence of the great German playwright and novelist, the Nobel Prize winner Gerhart Hauptmann, who lived here until his death in 1946. While visiting the museum you will find out that this region was also fascinating for the writer, and close to his heart, because of the magnificent nature of the Karkonosze. After leaving the museum, you will go along the blue trail leading to the so-called Żelazny Mostek (Iron Bridge), which then leads to another point of the hike, the unusual Chojnik castle. If you want to take one of the most beautiful castle pictures it’s worth turning left past the bridge, towards the Kopista Pass and hiking to the top of Żar mountain. The wonderful views of Chojnik castle and Jelenia Góra will wash away the fatigue from the climb. Then there is Chojnik castle itself - a defensive fortress built probably as early as 1355, by Bolko II - the prince of Świdnica-Jawor. After visiting the castle, you will go down in the direction of Sobieszów. If you turn on the black trail while going down, you will have the opportunity to get to Zbójeckie Skały (Zbójeckie Rocks), interesting granite rock formations.