JUNA The Walloons’ Hut
contact details:
ul. Kołłątaja 12
58-580 Szklarska Poręba
The seat of Walloons, Medieval masters in excavating and processing natural minerals, iron ores, metals, precious stones and quartz. Old Hut is placed at the bifurcation of the Czech path leading to the springs of Łaba river, the place of ancient cult and black trail surrounding Szklarska Poręba. A Sculpture Workshop is open next to the Hut. In dark chambers of the Hut meetings are held during which visitors can listen to tales about Walloons who used to inhibit The Sudety Mountains, as well as old stories and legends about these mountains. Rich collection of semi-precious stones also presents these typical for The Karkonosze Mountains. Special offer for organized groups (more than 20 persons) – the first level of Walloons initiation.
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